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An amazing art curator

This year we are delighted to welcome Carole Purnelle as Art Curator of Alberobello Light Festival.

After an education in Belgium, England, Portugal and France, since 2004, Carole Purnelle is partner and artist in OCUBO studio specialized in multimedia and interactive cultural projects.
Her work has been presented in Portugal and abroad (Australia, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium).
It consists in large format multimedia projections and video mapping, installations adapted to the buildings architecture using interactivity to get a participative public.
From historical to contemporary, she mixes all kind of media: photos, illustrations, video, 3D animation, sound and interactive programming.
Though versatile, her work is driven by a common theme: “Humanity” reflected through diverse preoccupations: globalization, time, space with a vital concern on the communication with the audience. Therefore, most of her pieces, sculptural or not, are interactive and turn the viewers into contributors to the work of art.

Through her studio, OCUBO, she has founded, directed and produced the LUMINA Light Festival in Cascais, Portugal.
She has applied all her skills in project and team management acquired in the field of design and information technologies to turn a first edition festival into a success, driving more than 400.000 visitors on 3 nights show.
She created and managed also the Spectrum project in the frame of Creative Europe that leads creative projects in Portugal, Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia.

Carole Purnelle, Artistic Curator