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Luca Agnani Studio is made by a team of professionals who animate architectures with projected lights, using 3D Video Mapping techniques. 

The Studio, started in 2010 by Luca Agnani; first affirms its works throughout Italy, then internationally when in 2013 is selected by the Circe of Light Festival in Moscow (one of the most important festivals of video mapping in the world) where they scored a third place. Nowadays, Luca Agnani Studio can count hundreds of performances; among the most relevant creations, the studio worked for the Ducal Palace of Genoa, Catania Cathedral, Trieste’s Piazza Unità d’Italia, the Viterbo Cathedral, Palazzo dei Priori of Pesaro, the Amalfi Cathedral, The Rocca Roveresca of Senigallia, the Arlecchino Palace in Pescara, the Basilica of San Bernardino in L’Aquilia and the San Michele Sanctuary. 

There are numerous reviews, interviews and media reports, in some of the most important italian and international medias, such as: VICE, Rai 2, La Repubblica, Rai Educational, Rai Cultura, Sky Arte, Il Messaggero, La Nazione, Il Post, L’Internazionale, Il Mattino.